Webinars: Farmworker Health and Safety Part 1

This workshop series focuses on the hazards that farmworker, and farmworker communities face in the effort to bring food to the American table. The series covers issues of toxic exposures, to food insecurity, to hazardous employment and housing conditions, and a stark lack of healthcare services available to meet all of these needs. Besides occupational health and safety concerns, climate change in California is adding another layer of complexity to safeguard farmworkers because of extreme heat conditions and poor air quality from wildfires. Besides understanding the wide range of issues impacting this vulnerable group, nurses can learn how to be advocates for health equity and greater protections to help farmworkers and their families.

Overview of Farmworker Health Challenges

Speaker: Barbara Hollinger, RN, MS, FNP, Retired

Farmworker Exposure to Extreme Heat & Importance of Cancer Screenings

Speakers: Dr. Roxana Chicas, RN, PhD, Assistant Professor, Emory University

Cancer Screenings: Dr. Mechelle Perea-Ryan, PhD, RNC, PHN, FNP, Associate Professor, California State University Stanislaus

Farmworker Communities & Mental Health

Speaker: Ruth Zúñiga, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Farmworkers & Wildfire Smoke

Speaker: Julie Postma, PhD, RN, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Washington State University