Indoor Air Quality

CNEHJ has a committee dedicated to educating and engaging nurses about the risks associated with air quality.

Indoor Air Quality in Homes: A Educational Series for Nurses

A Free 4-Part Series

Join us live: July 10,  July 24,  Aug 7,  and  Aug 21 (12pm PST / 3pm EST)

Recordings will be available by 3 pm PST (6 pm EST), same day

Watch our free 4-part webinar series on Indoor Air Quality in Homes in collaboration with Hayward Institute. The American Nurses Association’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation program will co-sponsor the webinar series, in addition to other nursing and health professional organizations. Come listen and engage with indoor air quality experts, who will offer their insights into the critical role health professionals can play in addressing indoor air quality in homes. In addition to offering their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, our speakers will provide action items and assessment tools that can be adapted into our health practice.

One CE credit will be provided for each webinar.

In Collaboration with

Our Program Hosts

Alexis Duran


Leadership Council Member with California Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice

Holly Carpenter


Senoir Policy Advisor with American Nurses Association

Our first webinar will provide a general overview of indoor air quality basics and help nurses to understand the many health risks that can be created by indoor air pollution.  Common exposures will be described as well as risks associated with climate-related events such as fires and flooding.     REGISTER NOW!!

Watch the Live Webinar: July 10th, 2024 (12pm PST / 3pm EST)


Introduction to Indoor Air Pollutants in Homes

This comprehensive session will cover:

  • Indoor Air Quality in US Homes: Understand the current state of air quality in American households and the pivotal role health professionals play in monitoring and improving it.
  • Susceptibilities and Health Impacts: Learn about the populations most susceptible to indoor air pollution and the potential health consequences they face.
  • Body Systems Affected: Discover which body systems are most impacted by indoor pollutants.
  • Health Effects of Exposure: Explore both the acute and chronic health effects associated with exposure to indoor air pollutants.
  • Sources of Pollutants: Identify common sources of indoor air pollutants within homes.
  • Climate Change and Air Quality: Understand how climate change is influencing indoor air quality.

Meet our Speakers

Lisa M. Thompson


Dr. Lisa M. Thompson, PhD, MS, RN, FNP, FAAN, is a tenured Professor in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University. The focus of her research is to evaluate effective behavioral change interventions to reduce maternal and infant exposures to household air pollution from the use of solid cooking fuels in low-resource countries. For the past 20 years, she has worked on intervention trials related to household air pollution, starting as a graduate student on a landmark study, the first randomized stove intervention study on infant pneumonia in Guatemala (RESPIRE trial), and currently works on the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) stove intervention trial in Guatemala, Peru, Rwanda, and India. She is the principal investigator of a village-level cluster randomized trial in rural Guatemala (Ecolectivos). This is an implementation science study to develop and evaluate community-level interventions that aim to reduce household burning of plastic waste. She was inducted into the 2021 Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame and received the 2023 Episteme Laureate award from Sigma.

Barbara Sattler


Dr. Sattler is a professor at the University of San Francisco and an international leader in environmental health and nursing. She is a founding and active member of both California Nurses for Environmental Health & Justice, as well as the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. While at the University of Maryland, she directed the Maryland hospitals for Healthy Environments, a 10-year statewide initiative that helped hospitals develop sustainable policies and practice to achieve the triple bottom line of employee health, patient health, and ecological health. She also helped to bring local, sustainable, and healthy foods to Maryland’s hospitals, supported by grants from the US Department of Agriculture. 

Dr. Sattler has worked in communities facing environmental health risks associated with lead-based paint, pesticides, superfund sites, and risks associated with gas and oil extraction, including fracking. She has been an advisor to the US EPA’s Office of Child Health Protection and the National Library of Medicine for informational needs of health professionals on environmental health. Dr. Sattler has been the recipient of NIEHS, HUD, and EPA grants, as well as a host of private foundations. She is also an author of Environmental Health and Nursing Practice and a host of peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Sattler is a Registered Nurse with an MPH and DrPH from the John Hopkins School of Public Health. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.

Our second webinar will discuss attainable and affordable preventative actions that can be taken to reduce and eliminate indoor air pollution in our homes. 

Watch the Live Webinar: July 24th, 2024 (12pm PST / 3pm EST)


Improving Indoor Air Quality in Homes

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Our third webinar will share evidence-based tips and tools to create rooms in the home with optimal air quality for newborns and children. We will also explore common consumer and household products that contribute to poor air quality and the accompanying health impacts common in children such as childhood asthma. 

Watch the Live Webinar: August 7th, 2024 at 12 pm PST


Preparing an Air Healthy Home for Newborns and Children

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Our fourth webinar will explore several air quality “hot topics” with expert speakers that will include the health effects of gas stove pollution and indoor pesticide use with actionable steps to reduce health risks.

Watch the Live Webinar: August 21st, 2024 (12pm PST / 3pm EST)

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