Welcome to California Nurses for Environmental Health & Justice!

It is Easier to Do Challenging Work When You Have a Great Team

Nurses know how to work effectively as a team and we have launched a California organization comprised of nursing leaders and practitioners who will help to make California one of the most environmentally healthy places to live, learn, work, and play.

Working on environmental health and climate change can be hard.

It seems like so many things are going in the wrong direction. It is all the more important to know that you have friends and colleagues who, despite our planet’s dire straits, hold out hope that we can actually help to create the healthier and more beautiful future we all want to see AND that we want for our children and their children.

We will be helping to educate each other through webinars, workshops, and our website.

We would love to hear if you would like an educational program brought to the nurses at your hospital, nursing school, nursing association’s meetings, or community.

And we will be mobilizing those “trusted voices” you always hear about and making sure we are heard by elected officials, regulators, the press, and the community. We will be advocating for clean air and water, healthy soil, nutritious foods, and safe products. AND, we will be finding joy in our work and building community!!



Barbara Sattler, RN, DrPH, FAAN
Leadership Council Member,
CNEHJ – CA Nurses for Environmental Health & Justice