CNEHJ is educating and engaging nurses on how the changing climate will impact the health of our communities. 

Climate Change is Posing Increasing Human Health Risks

Climate change is often portrayed as catastrophes – extreme storms, flooding, unrelenting fires – and this is a valid depiction. But it also causes massive human health and mental health effects. Nurses need to be prepared for an influx of patients affected by these big catastrophes and the daily increases in diseases that we are already seeing that are being caused and exacerbated by climate change.
The impacts of climate change on human health relating to air pollution, changes in vector ecology, increased allergens, water quality, water and food supply, environmental degradation, extreme heat, and severe weather.

Nurses Are Guided by the Science

Listen to fabulous podcasts by our friends at Cool Solutions on a range of practical climate change topics.

In California, CNEHJ is actively engaged with The Climate Center in support of a Climate Safe California Campaign. Individual nurses can endorse the campaign and join our CNEHJ nursing meetings on climate change. Go to our calendar for more committee information and how to join the next meeting.

Leafy greens and vegetables being placed in a compost bin.

Food Waste

The EPA has identified food waste to be a major contributor of climate change across all sectors. We must work to address food waste at all levels of food production and distribution, from the source to the consumer.

Women wearing a shirt saying "Go Vegan."

New Year’s Pledge Helps Millions Eat Healthier

A month long challenge proves remarkably successful at enticing people to try out (and continue) plant based diets.

California-specific Climate Change Resources from CDPH Office of Health Equity / Climate Equity TOOLS: