Webinars: Nurses' Role in Policy & Advocacy

This webinar series was designed to teach nurses how to leverage their trusted voices to influence policy to improve public and environmental health protections for Californians. It begins with an overview of the basics of the legislative process and then delves deeper into policy engagement, ultimately providing the necessary tools that nurses need to be successful in influencing public policy. Nurses interested in making a broader, more lasting impact on health protections in the state are encouraged to watch these webinars and learn from seasoned nurse leaders who have been instrumental in making positive changes through their involvement and presence in the California legislative process.

Nurse Advocacy: The Legislative Process – How Laws Get Made in California

Speaker: Catherine Dodd, PhD, RN, FAAN

Nurse Advocacy: How Nurses Shape Policy

Speakers: Pat Bakalian, Outreach Coordinator, and Dr. Catherine Dodd PhD, RN, FAAN

Nurse Advocacy: Tools You Will Need to be an Effective Advocate

Speaker: Barbara Glickstein, MS, MPH, RN, Principle, Glickstein and Associates

Catherine Dodd PhD, RN, FAAN