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The California Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments

The California Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments is an organization of individual nurses and state-level nursing organizations that recognize the enormous impact that we are having on the environment and how our compromised environment is, in turn, impacting human and ecological health. Equally importantly, we are acting on this knowledge by bringing our many nursing roles into play as we integrate our concerns about environmental health into nursing education, practice, research and into local and state advocacy efforts

Our range of concerns include climate change, air and water pollution, health issues associated with food and agriculture, toxic chemicals in our everyday lives, and sustainable health care. Lastly, we aim to educate nurses about the practice implications of critical environmental health issues such as fires, smoke, and extreme heat events.

The California Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments is the first state chapter of the national Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. Our overriding mission is to integrate environmental health into:


Nursing education through curriculum integration and continuing education


Nursing practice through clinical assessments and interventions regarding environmental health risks to individuals and communities


Nursing policy and advocacy at the institutional, community and governmental level (local and state)


Nursing scholarship through research and publications


The CA-ANHE Leadership Council is made up of nurses from around the state who meet bi-weekly to help coordinate nurses’ environmental health engagement in California.

Key Issues

One in every one hundred Americans is a Registered Nurses. If we can harness our own power, we can help make the immense changes that we need right now to move humanity to a safer, healthier and more equitable place. We have work to do.

Climate Change

Climate change is real and is associated with a wide range of effects that will create health and safety risks for our patients and the communities we serve.



In the US Centers for Disease Control tests a representative sample our population every year for the presence of over 300 highly toxic chemicals that should never be found in the human body.


Food & Agriculture

There are a great many health and safety issues associated with our food systems – a system that is often resulting in food insecurity in many vulnerable populations, harming the farmworkers who are harvesting our food, and ultimately leaving many of us with food choices that are contributing to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.


Fossil Fuels

The biggest contributor to greenhouse gases comes from our fossil-fuel based energy sources.



Most of us know about the plastic gyres twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean and how plastic debris is destroying marine life.


Greening Health Care

Our health care sector represents almost 20% of the Gross National Product. We occupy a huge space in the US economy which translates to enormous use of resources – energy, water, food, products (including more plastics than any other sector), and of course, human resources.


Radio Frequency Radiation

In any given home today, you are likely to find cell phones, modems, laptops, computers, and wifi-engaged electronics, all which emit radiation.


Air Pollution & Fires

The biggest contributor to greenhouse gases comes from our fossil-fuel based energy sources.



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