May 16 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

California provides the country and world with food and yet, many Californians are food and nutrition insecure. In many instances, the process of growing and raising food creates human and ecological health risks. We have more farmworkers in CA than any other state and, by any metric of the social determinants of health, our farmworkers are failing. This committee focuses on bringing healthy, sustainably grown/raised foods to all people to achieve nutrition security for all by a food system that respects and cares for all the people working in the food chain, especially farmworkers. We also have a particular focus on pesticide exposures for farmworkers, farm communities, and agricultural pesticide spraying near schools.  Committee members work with the United Farmworkers, the Center for Farmworker Families, Safe Ag/Safe Schools coalition on local efforts, and the California Climate and Agriculture Network, Californians for Pesticide Reform, and the Food and Farm Resilience Coalition on statewide issues.

Team meetings are ongoing and meets every Third Thursday of Every Month @ 10:00 am PST.